Monday, November 19, 2007

Baklava And The Italian World Order

Hi, here's a very short update regarding the adventures of Baklava, the Night Elf Druid that likes to kill defenseless deer and sit on campfires.

Baklava is now Level 16.

My brother recently made an adjustment to his character. Characters in World of Warcraft, when not killing deer, can focus on pursuing two professions. My brother recently learned that you can pick two professions that have synergies.

If you pursue Herbology and Alchemy as your professions, you can take the flowers and plants you pick and make potions. If you choose Tanning and Leathermaking, you can make items from the pelts you collect from animals.

Baklava's professions of choice were Herbology and Tanning, which have absolutely no synergies whatsoever. He was essentially able to gather raw materials for two unrelated things, but couldn't actually do anything with them. Baklava has now "unlearned" Herbology and is on the track to be a Leathermaker.

For those of you who might miss Baklava's spice bread, please do not worry. It is still possible to have hobbies. Cooking is one of Baklava's hobbies, and will always have a place in his dark purple heart.

While online, Baklava has been invited on numerous occasions by a persistent fellow who wants him to join a guild called the "Italian World Order". My brother would understand Greeks seeking him out, as he bears the name of a sweet dessert, but was surprised to be contacted by Italians. Baklava is uncertain about the purpose of this guild, and how serious it is about Italian global domination. As of yet, he has not sought further information or expressed interest in joining.

And now, another Night Elf babe.


Manx said...

Call it a guilty pleasure, but I am extremely enjoying your play by play of Baklava's adventures.

Be sure to thank your brother on behalf of all us who would like to, but do not possess the gilded time or elven cash to play WoW.

Loved the stills from the last post by the way.

Catherine said...

You know, I purposely avoid this game knowing full well that I would get sucked in. But you are forcing me to read the posts and now all I want to do it become a herbologist.

Splotchy said...

manx, thanks a lot for your comment. Probably most people aren't digging this, but I'm enjoying it, and I'm glad you are too.

cat, I feel a lot safer writing about it than playing it. And if you are encouraged to become an herbologist as a result of these posts, I'd be glad to be the cause.