Friday, November 23, 2007

Baklava In Hot, Rabid Thistle Bear Killing Action

How can I live up to a post title like that? The truth is, I can't. I'd love to show you a video of Baklava killing rabid thistle bears, that, despite being rabid, were honestly doing no harm to Baklava before he made vines shoot out of the ground and entangle them. Unfortunately, that video does not currently exist.

I *can* give you an account where I witnessed the druidy punishment dealt by Baklava firsthand. Well, I was sitting behind my brother when he was doing the killing. The family Thanksgiving dinner was actually had at his house. After dinner, I asked for a brief display of his World of Warcraft (WoW) prowess.

Baklava is Level 19 now. I saw him kill some rabid thistle bears, some moonkin, and other things I can't remember. He was shooting bolts at them, turning into a bear and swiping at them, etc.

One funny thing I noted during the gameplay was that when you are exiting a game, there is a 30 second delay before you get completely logged off. During this time, your character sits down on the ground and quietly waits. No matter how foul or evil a character you play in WoW, at least he or she will have the common decency to know when to sit and when to stand.

I thought the game looked decent enough, but I confirmed my feeling that I do not want to wander down the path to WoW any time soon.

I'm not sure if it was from seeing the game played earlier, but for some reason after we got home and put the kids to bed, I felt the need to watch Return Of The King. What time was it when I started the movie? Oh, around 9:00pm. And we have the Extended Edition. And I had to go to work the next day. What the hell was I thinking?

MizSplotchy was gracious enough to sit down and remain awake with me for the movie. Right after the ring was destroyed (a little after midnight), I asked her, "Do you mind if we turn the movie off now? I just wanted to see Sauron get his ass kicked." She thankfully agreed.

Something funny occurred to me in viewing Return Of The King. In the films, we hear the scary, disembodied voice of Sauron at different points. I thought it would be cool at the end, when we see the tower with his eye on top collapsing, that you hear some final words from him:

The above images were modified from original screenshots here. Go there for a quick, web-based way of whipping through the trilogy!

Here's one of the scenes I skipped over in last night's viewing, with the audio tweaked a little for humorous results.

And now, here's a little purple elf cheesecake for you.

P.S., for all you Mazgul fans, I saw him kill some bats.


Diamond Dave Diggler said...

As much as I loved the LOTR movies, Return of the King should have ended about an hour before it did. I honestly kept half standing up in my seat everytime it fades to black and then, POOF!, more. At first I was like YAY, MORE! Then it went to yay, more. And finally, WTF?

Splotchy said...

And the crappy thing about it is that my favorite part of the books, "The Scouring Of The Shire" at the end of ROTK, was completely left out.

Not that I would want to increase the running time of the movie...

Manx said...

I see Baklava is practicing some bear-on-bear crime now.

Good for him.

Cap'n Ergo "XL+II" Jinglebollocks said...

holy shit! I think I see a bit o' shadowing right 'bove that 'kini bottom!!