Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Balkava The Cat, And A Request For Feedback

Here's a very small World of Warcraft (WoW) update. My brother has just informed me that Baklava the Night Elf Druid now has the ability to transform into a cat! Screenshots are forthcoming.

He told me that as Druids get higher in level they can transform into additional animals. So now, Baklava can be a bear or a cat.

The other day MizSplotchy indicated to me that my regular inclusion of night elf cheesecake has ruffled her feathers a bit. I was genuinely surprised. Perhaps it was triggered by a reader's comment (a funny one, I thought) on a recent post intimating that some pubic hair was visible in a night elf drawing I had included.

I mentioned this to my brother, who retorted, "Oh, no. Night elves don't have any pubic hair. Everybody knows this."

I really like finding and including these night elf pics in WoW updates, but also understand and respect my wife's point of view as well.

Perhaps we could get a little of direction from the readers of this blog?

So, I ask you, would you like the following to happen:

A) No more female night elf pics!
B) Keep the female night elf pics, but let's shake it up by including a little beefcake night elf from time to time!
C) We want sexy female night elf pics, 24/7!

Thanks for any assistance in this matter.



Just so you don't think you'll be disrupting the marital bliss of Splotchy and MizSplotchy by giving your opinion, she has seen this post and is cool with my solicitation of feedback from my readers, who, I should tell you, she believes to solely consist of World Of Warcraft night-elf cheesecake lovin' freaks.


Diamond Dave Diggler said...

How about:

"we want sexy female night elf pics 24-7, but in the interest of marital harmony advise you to do as your wife says!"

Please, no beefcake.

SamuraiFrog said...

C! C! C!

dguzman said...

Well, I'm actually a little wigged by the night elf chicks, so whatevah the wife says goes.