Friday, November 16, 2007

A Completely Legal, Safe And Free Pyramid Scheme Where Everyone Wins (Some More Than Others)

Hello, my good blogfriends!

My name is Strudel, a mysterious gentleman of indeterminate ethnic origin! Splotchy has asked me to help him with his little website, and so, I help! What can I do, but help? That is who I am, after all. I am Strudel.

I want to learn you an exciting new opportunity in the realm of Technorati Authority magic! As Mister Bearded Man Dorion Carroll will tell you in a post on his own famous Technorati blog:

The Technorati Top 100 shows the most popular 100 blogs based on Technorati Authority. The #1 ranked blog is the blog with the most other distinct blogs linking to it in the last 6 months. If your blog's rank is, say 305,316, this indicates that there are 305,315 blog ranks separating your blog from the #1 position.

Ha, ha, ha! That is a good one, Mister Dorion Carroll. What else you have to say?

The best way to increase your Technorati Authority is to write things that are interesting to other bloggers so they'll link to you. Linking to source material when you blog is also a great way to engage in conversation and help others find what you find interesting.

Ha, ha, HA! That is so very funny, Mister Dorion Carroll.

But to be serious men and ladies. I have for you a onetime offer. You do not need to write interesting things. You do not need to engage your conversation. I can give you Technorati Authority beyond your wild blogger imaginings. I have foolproof way to improve your Authority so much it grow bigger than BoinkBoink!

Here is my idea, which Mr. Splotchy says I may to share with you.

It does not cost you anything. It is free. I GIVE TO YOU.

You take Mister Splotchy's website address.
It is this:

You take this address and you make link to it on your blog. Then you get five people to list Mister Splotchy's address and YOUR blog address. You see where I go with this?

Them people that put yours and Mister Splotchy address gets five more people to list THEIR address, YOUR address and Mister Splotchy address.

Abacabra! You have many new points to your Authority. You see?


You want picture?

See you later, high-ranked Technorati Authority brothers and sisters!


Diamond Dave Diggler said...

I will admit that I have not read a lot of your earlier posts, but in my opinion, this is one of the very best. I laughed aloud (more than just a snuff) a number of times. Bravo!

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Dude, I am totally in. I am linking iSpoltchy right now. That's way easier than writing something that someone might find interesting.

That means iSplotchy'll link me now, right?

lulu said...

sadly however, we all seem to have the same friends.

Splotchy said...

CTC, thanks a lot, though really all credit goes to the mysterious Strudel.

jon, I think Strudel would object, but I have no problem linking to your blog.

lulu, oh fudge.

dguzman said...

What lulu said. Still, I'm iLinking to iSplotchy, so Strudel will be able to eat tonight.

Fran said...

iLink iFollow iBelieve iSplotchy
iPyramid iAmNoLongerFran

Splotchy said...

dguzman, food is all Strudel has ever asked me for. Well, that's not true, but it's a nice sentiment.

franiam, uRock

Anonymous said...

very interesting....