Wednesday, November 7, 2007

To The Writers On Strike

Hello, writers on strike! -- whether you're groggily surfing the web from a laptop on your kitchen countertop, or are hitting this site from your cellphone, taking a a little break from walking the picket line, greetings to you!

I hope you have your demands met to your satisfaction, and have them met soon. I'm not currently in a union (nor is there a union that I can join at this point), but I walked the picket line with my art teacher mother a couple times when I was a kid. The experience made a really strong impression on me, despite the fact that I didn't understand the ins and outs of the dispute at the time.

I think it was important to me because it represented individuals banding together to effect a positive change. Of course, unions aren't necessarily altruistic by nature -- they are more organizations of self-interest, but they do function as a defense against larger entities often motivated by less-than-honorable intentions. It's weird how people form into these kinds of groups, that these situations such as the ongoing strike can arise, and then it gets me thinking about other groups people form, and the resulting war and genocide that can occur as result of different groups clashing. Then I think about how some stupid crap in our genetic makeup will probably result in the extinction of our species, and we're all walking towards a cliff, knowing we're walking towards the cliff, and knowing we shouldn't, but we walk off that cliff anyway.

That being said, if it wouldn't constitute a violation to the rules of your strike, and you wish to keep up your writing chops, I'd be happy to have you contribute a fictional story involving the iSplotchy -- sci-fi, erotic fiction, etc.

I'm not a rich man, but I'd happily pay you in doodles.

If rules prevent you from contributing iSplotchy stories during the duration of the strike, I apologize for requesting them (I looked for the strike rules on the WGA site without any luck). I *will* still be accepting stories after the strike is over, of course.

Long Live Labor And The Human Race,



Doc said...

This is just the sort of thing I've been looking for. I'll send mine along as soon as I can bang it together.


dguzman said...

Your largesse is notable, Splotchy.

Splotchy said...

doc, looking forward to reading it!

dguzman, I know. I try and try, but no matter how much weight I lose, I still have an enormous caboose.

dguzman said...

You and me both, Splotch!

Diamond Dave Diggler said...

To the network-types.

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I look forward to receiving your phonecall.