Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Household Repair Bookmark

Hi, Splotchy in the future.

In case you were wondering when exactly did the furnace stop working, it was Tuesday morning, March 12th, 2008.

You remember, when you and your entire family had that horrible cold. Yeah, that's when.

MizSplotchy called to have it repaired later Tuesday morning, but the technician indicated after checking around that one of the parts needed wasn't in the state of Illinois. Yes, the entire state of Illinois did not have the replacement part.

So they had the part sent overnight via UPS from Des Moines, Iowa.

Splotchy in the future, if you are considering replacing your furnace, you might want to get one that has replacement parts in the state of Illinois.

You're welcome, and I hope you are over this cold.

Best Regards,

Splotchy from the past (cough)


Comrade Kevin said...

I say hello, from eternity and beyond and all my past lives say hello as well.

Pay no mind.

Cap'n Ergo "XL+II" Jinglebollocks said...

you need one of those time-travelling mailboxes like theys gots in that romantic commedy starring whats-his-name... Reeves??

Freida Bee said...

Maybe Splotchy from the future can give you a 'lil advanced notice next time, please. Hello!

Your family is well on its way to its newly found super immunity that it is acquiring in this year's monster flu seasonery.

Be well very soon!