Friday, March 7, 2008

One Of Lost's Mysteries Finally Solved

For me, ABC show Lost often raises questions without ever providing answers. This can get downright frustrating.

For example, what is the smoke monster? What's the deal with the four-toed statue?

One thing I have always wondered about is the erratic behavior of the John Locke character.

Thanks to freeze framing and zooming on last night's episode, his erratic behavior is no longer a mystery.

I now happily share this starting revelation with all Lost fans.

I imagine Ben Linus is especially adept at pressing this button.


Allen Lulu said...

Actually, I find Locke's character the most interesting and sad on the show. He is absolutely NOTHING like he would have people believe. Introduced as a hunter/ leader/man of faith, the show stripped away all facade to reveal a nice, almost beta male, who never really amounted to anything. Finally, here, on this island, he is important. Much like Ben. Locke is, in a way, Ben's doppleganger. especially true after last night's "Because you're MINE!" tantrum that Ben threw in the Juliet flashback. These people are revealed to be flawed and motivated by their own emotions and shortcomings more often than heroism. In fact, Lost is such an anti-heroic show that, removed from it and viewing the social conditions they ahve installed, it's downright depressing.
We'll learn about the statue. Don't worry. Have faith.
It's like reading a realllllllly long book. The answers with come forthwith, but maybe not til the final chapters. That's okay, you know. This isn't a procedural. It's really meant to be viewed as a long and epic tale.
Be glad that we are around to witness this because I highly doubt something on this scale can ever be done on television again. (I know, Babylon 5 fans, shut up, that was on sci-fi and no one watched.)

Splotchy said...

Allen, I greatly respect your comments. But Locke still annoys the hell out of me, as does Lost overall. But I respect your comments. And Locke annoys the hell out of me.

Fran said...

Suddenly it all makes sense...