Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Feeble Contribution To A Blogswarm


A blogswarm basically consists of a whole bunch of bloggers who decide to talk about a topic at the same time, in order to draw attention to the topic and discuss different aspects of it.

Today, there is a blogswarm about the 5 year anniversary of the Iraq War, which seems to have its homebase here.

Though I don't really post that much about politics, I decided at the last minute I'd make a contribution to this blogswarm.

I am basically just including a few videos to highlight some of the people that should be held personally responsible for the horrible carnival ride so many people have been thrown onto these past five years.

It's an awful ride for Iraqi civilians, whose loss of life and suffering quietly continues, largely unreported in the Western media. It's terrible for US soldiers, dying and being stretched thin, walking targets dropped in the middle of a foreign land that did not attack us. It's much easier for Americans sheltered from the news from the war (hey, I've a got a $600 check headed my way, even!), but that doesn't mean bad things aren't spinning out of control, with huge amounts of money transferred from taxpayers to enrich a few corporations, to the detriment of social programs and future generations of Americans.

Misery, death, sadness, horror, debt, torture, loss.

There are people responsible for this.

Here are three of them.

Dick Cheney on Iraq (1994)
You have probably already seen it before, but you should watch it again.

Saddam and Rumsfeld (1983)
Video, with no audio.
Keep in mind that this meeting occurred after the killings of 148 Shiites in 1982, a crime for which Saddam was sentenced to death and executed.

Bush, Smoking Gun In The Form Of A Mushroom Cloud
Whipping up the appropriate cloud of primal fear to catapult this nation into war.

Thank you, Bush Administration!
Thanks for everything.


vikkitikkitavi said...

Nice catch on the timing of the Rumsfeld visit! Great post.

dguzman said...

Very nice catch, Splotch. And I agree with your idea of letting those fuckers hang themselves with their own words and actions. Too bad they own the courts, or they'd all be in prison right now.

Comrade Kevin said...

Thanks for nothing.

Hell of a job, Bushies.

Life As I Know It Now said...

a video is worth a thousand words if it lays the truth bare as these videos so aptly show.

Freida Bee said...

These videos do say a lot and I do not consider this post feeble.