Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm Going To Be On BoingBoing

The title of this post is not a fact -- it's a positive visualization.

There are all sorts of blogs and websites concerned with all sorts of topics.

An integral part of my blog is talking about or sharing things that I think are "cool". I never did stop using that word that I first latched onto as a child, though my peers probably stopped using it around the fifth grade.

Cool is cool, and always will be for me.

So, there is this website called BoingBoing, which bills itself as "A Directory Of Wonderful Things". Essentially, it's devoted to all things cool.

To many people in the Internet community, having your website or one of your posts linked to on BoingBoing means it is officially cool. And to extrapolate from that, hey, it means you're cool.

I'm proud to say our very own Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein was honored on the pages of BoingBoing several months ago. That should come as no surprise, as he is cool.

BoingBoing has a suggestion facility whereby one can submit a website/video/blog post/etc. for inclusion on its site. I would imagine BoingBoing is inundated with suggestions every day, hour, minute and second, but despite this, I tried to submit a couple posts of mine because I thought they were cool.

I only did this a couple times, early on in my blogging career. I told them about a cool thing I discovered about the Watchmen comic book. I told them about my slowed-down, heavy metal version of Toni Basil's Mickey. Though I still believe these posts are capital "C" COOL, no one from BoingBoing agreed with me.

I truly believe I have come up with a few things on I, Splotchy that were cool enough to be linked to on BoingBoing, but hey, no hard feelings.

However, now that I am nearing my one year blogoversary, I'm struck with my own sense of blogomortality. I need to get listed on BoingBoing, and I need to do it before March 29th!

That's why over the next nine days, I will be putting up the occasional post tailored specifically to the peculiar tastes of the tastemakers at BoingBoing. It's called pandering, baby!

And if it doesn't work, I can at least say I tried, and trying's cool, right?

Look for the "boingboing" label to distinguish the BoingBoing pandering posts from my non-BoingBoing pandering ones.


Sleestak said...

Go for a Goatse post. That got me (I think my second) link to boingboing.

PJ said...

Good for you! You're the coolest blogger around, apart from myself of course.

Becca said...

Getting listed on Boing Boing was a huge honor for me! So much so that I brag about it whenever I can. Did I mention I got linked on Boing Boing?

Of course the coolest part is that the awesomely amazing artist Coop is the one who submitted the reccomendation! So I guess you just have to make blog friends with a well-known artist and get them to submit one of your posts.

Dale said...

The Watchmen and Mickey posts should have been more than enough. They don't know what they're missing. Obviously.

Dr. Zaius said...

A difficult task with an impossible deadline... Great idea!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

(Blushing) Thanks for calling me "cool."

Splotchy said...

sleestak, I was blissfully unaware of "Goatse" until you mentioned it. So, you'll obviously have a place in my heart for bringing it to my attention.

PJ, hey, there's nothing I can't positively visualize!

Becca, that's doubly awesome! And those were some lovely dirty hippie costumes.

Dale, thanks.

Dr Z, I'm a can-do kinda guy!

Dr MVM, hey, cool people don't blush.

Gifted Typist said...

Just keep trying. Your day will come.
You are cool, I splotchy. And the last line of that post is the coolest of all