Friday, April 6, 2007

Cynomolgus Monkey

From time to time I'll look up a word online - sometimes for the definition, the spelling, the pronunciation -- or, occasionally, when I just want to hear an official-sounding reading of the word "ballsy".

Here's some sound files I saved off for some unknown reason, which I'll share with you now.

01. ballsy
02. chomp
03. cretin
04. crunchy
05. cynomolgus monkey
06. dickey
07. exeunt
08. finagle
09. foosball - The guy is really having fun with this one.
10. garbanzo
11. homunculus - Ah, one of my favorite words. Unfortunately, it is difficult to drop in casual conversation.
12. party pooper - I would have put the emphasis on 'party' rather than 'pooper', but that's just me.
13. peanut
14. prima ballerina
15. sangroid
16. stanch
17. supine
18. undulate
19. Uranus ("You're in us")
20. Uranus ("Your anus")

If you work in an office setting:

1. Save off a whole bunch of these kinds of sound files
2. Turn up your computer speakers
3. Pop the files into your favorite music player
4. Hit shuffle/repeat
5. Take an early lunch

Warning: This may result in early termination or a solid pummeling.

As you may be already aware, there are people who take these online sound pronunciation files to the next level.

Visit to see people who string together these sound files into vocals for covers of their favorite pop songs.

Now you too can know what "Rock the Casbah" sounds like if crooned by a group of dweeby dictionary pronouncers.

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