Monday, April 9, 2007

It Was 25 Years Ago Today

This Day In Usenet History: April 9, 1982
(according to a Google Groups search)

It was all in place, folks, lo those many moons ago.
UNIX, Deadheads and Leprechauns.

Negative gold
First off , my thanks to Ken for providing us with 5.2. I have but one flame. It seems that a lot of the gold at lower levels, particularly any dropped by Leprechauns, 1. produces no message ...

thoughts on a vi quiz
Group: fa.editor-p
From sdcsvax!draper@NPRDC Fri Apr 9 11:28:29 1982 Here are some comments on issues underlying Bill Mitchell's recent quiz on vi - issues that are sort of obvious but perhaps would benefit from being raised explicitly. ...

An APL quiz question
Group: net.lang.apl
The problem (changing a vector to a matrix with rows as separate words) is well-known. One solution appears in "APL: An Interactive Approach" by Gilman & Rose. Still another appears in APL News, V. 2 No. 1 (1977) in the APL Play column. ...
Apr 9 1982 by G:shal... - 2 messages - 2 authors

Group: net.lang.apl
In reply to ihuxi!otto, I have used the APL here at Purdue EE, and it seems fairly good. The number quoted for concurrent users is a bit low. I have run APL while 45 other users were running APL ...
Apr 9 1982 by pur-ee... - 1 message - 1 author

Group: net.lang.apl
I do not see that the problem mentioned by ihuxi!otto is a serious one, except for a special case that I will mention. First, each APL character is a single entity, even if it is formed on a conventional ...
Apr 9 1982 by rabbit!... - 2 messages - 2 authors

Run VMS Binaries
Group: net.general
I should have known ... I could only be a matter of time ... I have a request for a method to run VMS binaries under 4.1BSD UNIX. Has anyone already done this, or even currently working on it? How about tried it and failed? ...
Apr 9 1982 by pur-ee!mah... - 1 message - 1 author

Quiz time
Group: net.lang.apl
A solution to this problem was given by Michael Halpern in his IBM technical report "Algebra, Scan, and Permutations". I would be glad to mail copies of his functions to interested parties. /Jeff ...
Apr 9 1982 by G:shal... - 2 messages - 2 authors

single elements vs. scalars
Group: net.lang.apl
In regards to Ned Horvath's comments of april 7. I don't know of any primative scalar function that does not distinguise between scalars and degenerate, one element, higher order arrays. Anyone care to find one? charles honton (CWRU)
Apr 9 1982 by cwruecmp!hon... - 1 message - 1 author

Dead Heads
I'm new to the net; is where music lovers of the One True Religion hang out? If not, then where?
Apr 9 1982 by G:w... - 1 message - 1 author

Whats a paradox?
Group: net.math
A very small clinic, of course. Sorry, I've been waiting years to use that joke in public. If you think I'm going to sign this.....
Apr 9 1982 by eagle... - 2 messages - 2 authors

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