Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Loop Coyotes Love Quiznos!

From the Chicago Sun Times

"So a coyote walks into a Quiznos . . .

Sounds like the start of a joke.

It's not -- although dozens of downtown folks got a good laugh out of it Tuesday.

A male coyote really did wander into the Quiznos sandwich shop at Wabash and Adams -- in the Loop! -- just before 2 p.m. Tuesday. Workers had propped open the front door for the warm afternoon, and in sauntered the roughly 30-pound, 18-month-old wild animal."



Joe said...

That is awesome. Did he attack anyone?

Splotchy said...

Nah, but he probably dented in a couple SoBe Energy drink bottles.

He crawled into an open refrigerator case and sat there 'til Animal Control hauled him away.