Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Rory's First Kiss Update!

There is a gargantuan old US Post Office building off of Van Buren Avenue in downtown Chicago that, to my knowledge, has sat dormant for at least 10 or so years.

A week or two ago I noticed some people building this wooden "gateway" at the service entrance of this building. I was curious as to what its intent was. The fact that it was just a wood frame made me think there wasn't anything permanent about it.

Later, the facade was painted to match the stone of the post office building. It matched surprisingly well, I thought, but still, what the hell were these people doing?

Last week, I had lunch with a friend who knew someone in the "Industry" who said they were building a set for the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight.

Sure enough, this is true...

Latest on The Dark Knight Filming
Dark Knight Set Pics

To not stir up the comic book geeks, they have all the Production signs referring to the film as Rory's First Kiss. Of course, by having all these 'RFK' signs everywhere, they don't even realize the amount of buzz they are creating for fans of the Kennedy family, a far more rabid group of people than your average comic book gaggle.

Seeing this cool set in person (I walk by it every day to get to work) reminded me of the time I was walking downtown when I saw a parking lot full of police cars that said "Gotham" on them during the time they were filming Batman Begins in Chicago. I was only mildly interested, due to the fact that the Batman movie franchise up until then was absolute garbage (yes, even the Tim Burton ones). I figured, oh wonderful, they are making another crappy Batman movie.

Now with the realization that Batman Begins was such a good film (up there with Sam Raimi's Spider-Man films, even), it's fun to be excited about Rory's First Kiss.

Go Rory!


Dale said...

I vote for Rory too. I'd have felt the same way before seeing Batman Begins which I loved.

Cup said...

Years ago, they were filming Free Jack near my downtown Atlanta office. While they were setting up shots, Mick Jagger came out of his trailer and video'ed the crowd. I went out with my bag lunch to watch Mr. Jagger. As Mick panned to my area, I (without even thinking) went down on my carrot. I made Mick laugh, and got a thumbs-up from him. I am one classy chick, huh?

Splotchy said...

Truly classy!