Thursday, April 26, 2007

Fun With Google

Performing a web search for symbols via Google, where nothing happens.
There are no results, not even an acknowledgment that you perfomed a search.


Symbol searches that return results.
_ (underscore)

Symbol searches that acknowledge you searched for it, but yielded no results.

It is YOUR responsibility dear reader, to further investigate the full gamut of ASCII symbols that I am too lazy to complete.

Don't forget to retry all the symbols by searching on Google News, Google Blogs, and Chinese Google.

I want a double-spaced, heavily-footnoted report on my desk by tomorrow morning at the latest.



justacoolcat said...

I'm fairly certain a good amount of ascii symbols are filtered.

Joe said...

Who is conspiring to censor ascii symbols?

Dale said...

This is disheartening. I rely on Google to order all the world. Why should symbols be left out? Why am I so lazy that I'm willing to be fired for not doing the report?

Splotchy said...

justacoolcat, by your avatar i see you are A-#1 The Duke, so I will have to take your word as gospel regarding this and any other matter.

bubs, it's obviously the cryptofascist military-industrial complex. Do no evil, my ass.

dale, you are not lazy. you are in the pocket of the Google cabal and playing cagey with me.

Dale said...

Say it isn't so. I can't stand to learn anything more about me.