Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Tropicália Video Primer

I have much affection for Tropicália, a wonderful musical movement that started in the late 60's in Brazil.

Here's some choice video clips from artists of that movement.

Os Mutantes - Panis Et Circenses(1969) - Ain't they cute?!

Tom Zé - Hein? - The song is from the 70's. The performance is from 1991. From my favorite album of his, Estudando o Samba.

Gilberto Gil - Expresso 2222 - From the album of the same name. Fantastic!

I couldn't find a decent clip of Caetano Veloso, so I present another Brazilian clip, not really associated with the Tropicália movement, but a wonderful song nonetheless.

Elis e Tom - Aguas de Março - Prolly my favorite Antonio Carlos Jobim song - take that, Girl From Ipanema!

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Joe said...

Thank you. I'm off to download more Brazilian music now.