Thursday, February 21, 2008

Baklava, Death and a Giant Broom

It's been about two months since I have provided an update on my brother's adventures of Baklava in the glorious World of Warcraft (WoW).

Well, I hope you're happy now. Baklava the Night Elf Druid is dead.

You may or not may realize the nature of these kinds of games, but during play a character can die many, many times. When this happens, the worst you have to do is traipse through the wilderness in a non-corporeal, non-playable form and retrieve your carcass. Once the carcass has been claimed, you're free to again wander about the countryside, killing things and being killed by things.

I'm not talking about that kind of death. Baklava is *dead* dead. He is gone. My brother killed him. He got tired of playing a Night Elf Druid who was constantly getting his elven ass kicked. My brother is still playing WoW, but is now primarily playing a Blood Elf named Blaniage (another Greek dessert, for those keeping score at home). People interested in the exploits of Blaniage will need to stay tuned. I can promise you exciting tales of mounts, mayhem and fortuitous investment opportunities.

For those shedding a few tears, the spirit of Baklava the beloved Night Elf lives on. My brother has created a new Undead Mage character, also named Baklava. For you Mazgul the Undead Mage fans out there, I have some terrible news. My brother has killed Mazgul, and has no intention of bringing him back.

Baklava the Undead Mage is hovering around Level 10 and has pretty crappy equipment. Mages are able to wield weapons, though they are stronger in the art of magic. In one of Baklava's first quests, he had to steal pumpkins from farmers. After finally killing a farmer, he realized that a broom of the farmer was far more powerful than the two-handed staff he was fruitlessly whacking at things with.

So now, Baklava the Undead Mage has a large, slightly silly broom hanging off his undead back.


p0nk said...

xrist, i am lmfao right now and i've only vaguely heard of this game.

according to the TV commericals, William Shatner is a mage, maybe he should have a broom.

MeaMea said...

reguardless of how silly the broom looks the guy wielding it is quite scary

Manx said...

Blaniage should build himself a cottage and chase elves of his yard with that broom.

Thanks for the update. I was getting worried your brother might have realize there were other things to do.

On with the show!