Sunday, February 3, 2008

Negative Space Signage Photos Sought!


The unexpected attention directed at my sister blog has prompted me to create yet another blog about a topic that is near and dear to my heart. I have been meaning to create it for a while, and finally got around to doing it.

The new blog is called:

The Signage Of Negative Space

There's a particular kind of sign at night that I really love -- I just think it's aesthetically pleasing.

I'm hoping to take advantage of the geographical dispersedness of my blog readership and ask that readers take photos in their regions and submit them to me, so I can start amassing a nice collection of negative space signage.

Hopefully, my first post on this new blog gives a good enough description as to the kind of sign I am talking about, but if not, I have a few more examples I am going to upload over the next couple of days.

Please, consider keeping a lookout for these kinds of signs and forward them on to me.

For a post using your picture, I would like to include:

1. Photo of negative space signage
2. The address of the signage in the photo
3. Photographer credit
4. Any interesting information you would like to share about the photo or location.

I don't want to use any pictures that are already floating around on the web -- I prefer that the pictures are taken personally, for inclusion on the site.

So, if you have the inclination, please send me photos, addresses, and comments to the email indicated in my profile.

Thanks for any help!


Coaster Punchman said...

You are soon going to overtake the entire Web.

Splotchy said...



Freida Bee said...

You're the hardest working man in the blogosphere. I'm on it! As luck would have it, it just got dark. Have camera phone, will travel.

lulu said...

I will look for Asian examples for you....not much here is illuminated, but I am hitting Hong Kong soon and I bet that will offer plenty of opportunities.

Splotchy said...

freida b, you're the tops! Thank you for the pic!

lulu, I can't even the imagine the awesome signage of Hong Kong. Any pics you could take would be absolutely wonderful.

Timothy Donavan Russell said...

Pretty neat.

I'm assuming you've checked out Spfld?

Splotchy said...

No Tim, I haven't!

If you have the time and/or desire, I would really appreciate it if you could poke around for negative signage there.