Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm So Worried, I Told You I Was Worried

No, no, I'm really not all that worried.

It's time for another one song mix!

This mix comes from Mayo Thompson's 1970 album Corky's Debt To His Father, which was reissued by the Chicago label Drag City several years ago. Mayo Thompson is the creative force behind The Red Krayola.

Again, I present a song that you may not like, but I absolutely love. What would it hurt to give it a try, hmm?

Mayo Thompson - Worried, Worried

And here are some lyrics from the song that I really love, too.

The president and the police
In their golden fleece
They are looking for peace
Just like you or I might
But it's in their own way
And it just ain't the same
And it gives us all a terrible fright

Enjoy it (or don't)!

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Katie said...

Can't find the lyrics to this song anywhere. Could u post the lyrics to the entire song still?