Thursday, February 21, 2008

Road Warrior, The Musical - Snake In The Sand

Another entry in my new musical -- The Road Warrior.

"Snake In The Sand"

Sung by: The Gyro Captain
Description: Max is surprised at the site of an apparent accident by The Gyro Captain, who has laid a trap for scavengers of petrol.

I'm the Gyro Captain
I'm a snake in the sand
With my wits and my crossbow
I'm the one in command

Your souped-up Interceptor
Might be very fast
But thinking like a reptile
Is the only way to last

So please, no funny moves
And give me all your gas
If you want to live
Give me all your gas

[Max's dog jumps out of the Interceptor and attacks The Gyro Captain. The tables are turned, and Max is in control]

Oh please don't kill me!
I'm an insignificant man
I am dirt under your feet
I'm a snake in the sand

I didn't ask to be given
The role that I was cast
All my friends and family
Are buried in the past

I just want to live
Is that so much to ask?
All I wanted was just a little gas
All I want is just a little gas


dguzman said...

It's like Buffy the Musical, only with dirty guys!

p0nk said...

damn damn damn... i recently saw that they were making a musical out of a popular movie that was pretty violent. can't remember what the name of it was now...

Dr. Zaius said...

"Remember lingerie?"