Sunday, February 17, 2008

Trees And Signs #3

Revisiting an infrequent feature, in an effort to combat the winter blahs. I didn't perfectly represent the branch arrangements graphically, but I am happy enough with them to publish here.

Tree #3
Click on pic for larger image

Sign #3
Click on pic for larger image


Unknown said...

I recognize those Northern Illinois trees. Why we had several near our Northside red brick ranch, too.

Distributorcap said...

how very Joyce Kilmer
i think that i shall never see
a poem as lovely as a tree

of course in 4th grade we all laughed at the word breast

Timothy Donavan Russell said...

Nice tree and sign, man.

You might try exposure to bright, full-spectrum light (like the sun or an intense bulb) to ward off those seasonal blahs.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Nothing says piss off winter like a good tree picture!

Michele Boselli said...

are you for Clinton or Obama or...? I'm running a poll of American liberal bloggers on my European blog. thank you in advance for visiting and voting. ciao! :)

dguzman said...

Hey! I was just thinking about this long-neglected feature the other day. Glad you resurrected it!

Splotchy said...

mathman, them's good trees.

dc, he he you said breast

tim, can I carry it with me like a security blanky?

barbara, hear hear! Winter, piss off!

miss welby, can't vote, too filled with winter blahs. But thanks for your encouraging, heartfelt words.

d, I'm glad too. I noticed your Fighting Winter Blahs feature on your Impeachment blog -- you are a superhero!