Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Pretty Super Tuesday

I usually don't blog about my day-to-day affairs, but this was kind of a fun day.

After work, I:

1) Attended the world premiere of Osso Bucco. It was being shown as part of the first 2008 installment of the Midwest Independent Film Festival. A lot of the cast and crew were present for the screening, including the lead, Mike Starr.

What, you don't know him? Here, let me help:

Yeah, that guy!

I talked to him briefly at the after-show get-together. He seemed like a really nice guy. I had thought to myself if I got drunk enough I would harangue him into recreating one of his scenes from GoodFellas (with me playing the DeNiro part, of course). Thankfully for all parties concerned, I did not get that drunk.

I should note that Mr. Starr is still available for adoption.

Even cooler than meeting Mike Starr was meeting someone I had not seen for twenty years. I was in line for some food and thought I recognized someone. It turned out he was a grocery bagger at a supermarket in Springfield, Illinois at the same time I was. I was only sixteen at the time. I remember he was one of the bright spots of working there -- he was funny and profane. Tonight we didn't really talk too much as things were rather hectic, but it was really cool seeing him again.

2) Encouraging Signs
I have been a little down and/or worried about my new blog. I had my doubts there was that much negative signage around. Well, in the mall containing the movie theater showing Osso Bucco I saw several instances of negative signage. On my walk to the Belmont El stop I saw several instances of negative signage. On my walk from the downtown Jackson stop to Union Station I saw several instances of negative signage. Even Union Station had negative signage! That's right! Union motherf*cking Station! I feel better now.

3) As I was walking to find a seat on the 11:40pm train, I noticed a guy wearing an Obama jacket, and some other political looking people. I decided to sit near them and chat them up. It turns out they had just come from an Obama rally at the Hyatt. One of them was repeatedly checking election results from his cellphone. Another person was Illinois State Representative Linda Chapa LaVia.

What, you don't know her? Here, let me help:

Still nothing?

Anyways, it was an interesting few hours. I hope your Tuesday was Super, or at least a little bit Fat.


Randal Graves said...

I loved Goodfellas, but when I think of Mike Starr, I always think of that episode of Millennium where he played a serial killer.

heals. said...

Linda Chapa Lavia has excellent fiscal policies.

Some Guy said...

Security? You're lookin' at it!

dguzman said...


BeckEye said...

Wasn't Mike Starr the old bassist for Alice in Chains?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Apparently Mr Starr is not just about the veal either.

Rider said...

Last week I was enjoying Mike Starr's appearance in Miller's Crossing. "Jesus, Tom." (That won't narrow it down for you, since every time someone says Tom's name in that flick it's preceded by the Lord's name.) But Starr was the guy singing as he walked through the forest.

Freida Bee said...

So, I did not know about actor/actress adoptions at the time of mass adoptioning and I was wondering what the mystery behind the process is. Does one just go shopping for compatible matches or are only some available (besides the obvious ones who have found homes,) or are all in need?

Splotchy said...

randal g, the only thing I can recall about Millenium was a whole bunch of coffee cup circles in the opening (they were circles, but they looked life coffee rings).

heals, good to know!

chris, dammit, I *should* have asked him.

dguzman, Poor Frenchy. Poor Carbone.

beckeye, you just blew my mind.

barbara, it's not like he's Brian Dennehy.

rider, he was great in that movie. I don't know why the Coen brothers haven't used him again.

freida b, it's as simple as this -- you have affection towards an actor (a character actor, preferably), you express the desire to adopt this actor on your blog, I add your actor to the adoption roster, assuming he or she is not already adopted. If the actor is not adopted, it is assumed that adoption would be a positive event in their lives.

Moderator said...

Cool. That guy!

findmacdotcom said...

thanks for the writeup, splotchy! we appreciate the support! you guys can sign up on our e-mail list at to stay in the loop. or just listen to splotchy. we have festival screenings every first tuesday at the landmark. cheers! mike mcnamara

p.s. there is a mike starr that played with alice in chains but it's not that mike starr, though that would have been amusing...

Anonymous said...

Goodfells, schmoodfellas. To me, Mike Starr will always be the giant appliance salesman from "Cabin Boy," one of my favorite movies of all time.

Splotchy said...

grant, who doesn't love that guy? I sure don't not love him. What did I just say?

mac, thanks. You put on a fine program.

kirby, I love Chris Elliot, but still haven't seen that movie. For you, I will Netflix it.