Monday, February 4, 2008

Now McAwesome Is Just Messing With Me

Alright, I'm breaking a promise I made just a few posts ago. I am going once more into the emotional landscape of McAwesome's Gmail status message. Well, perhaps I can be considered to have not broken my promise, as this new status message doesn't carry the melancholy of the two statuses before it.

C'mon, McAwesome -- "exstending"? You expect me to believe your misspelling was not done on purpose? You have prompted me to include another status, one with a unique error -- a message which will confirm that yes, I am talking about you, McAwesome, not some potential other McAwesomes running around.

You're trying to smoke me out, aren't you? Well, it worked. Consider me out and smoked.

I will be seeing McAwesome tomorrow night, and I hope no sadness or anger will be in evidence. We was just having fun is all and didn't wanna hurt nobody.

On a positive note, I actually have permission to include this person's status:


Cup said...

How I love to sing "Splotchy in the morning / Splotchy in the evening / Splotchy all day long" as I fix my morning eggs.

Wasn't that in Oklahoma!?

GETkristiLOVE said...

McAwesome is McMessing with you alright.

Fran said...

I've been outed, but it was with my decision to go with it.

Once you go Splotch you never go blotch.

What else can I say?