Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Unconnected Tuesdays




Fran said...

Duh... What about the book "My Tomato has Two Mommies?"

MeaMea said...

I once found a box a cherry tomatos sitting on my bookshelf and when asked how it got there the imfamous "Wasn't Me!" was to blame. The other answer was the box of tomatos grew legs and walked from the kitchen and climbed on the bookslef to read

Distributorcap said...

fern gold has a bookcase with a tomato plant on it

Splotchy said...

FranIAm, that's the dictionary definition of the word "stretching".

MeaMea, don't rule out the possibility of sleepwalking and sleep vegetable placement.

DC, you are dead to me now! Dead to me!

Comrade Kevin said...

Nothing quite as sweet as a vegetable disguised as a fruit.