Sunday, May 18, 2008

Location, Location, Location

I went scouting for locations tonight with my friend Lance, who is going to be doing the cinematography for my upcoming short film.

One of the film's main locations is a deserted city street in an industrial neighborhood. We set out to try and find some suitable locations.

There are a couple shots at the location that take place at night, and Lance was concerned about whether we would able to use available light when shooting (streetlights, etc.), so we started looking for locations as the sun was setting.

For the locations I liked, I'll probably go back during the daytime to get a sense of traffic, noise, etc.

A couple requirements of the location -- there has to be no signs of other people, if possible -- no parked cars, no cars driving by, no people. I want the environment to be overwhelmingly urban and industrial. I also want to keep signs of plant and animal life to a bare minimum.

Here's what we came up with tonight.

LOCATION #1: N. Campbell, near Elston Avenue

My thoughts:
This was the first location we found that was interesting. I took the most pictures here.

I don't know -- there's way too many cars present (even on a Sunday). Things look a little more suburban than urban to me. There's too much green.


My Thoughts:
I liked this location a little more. I fancied the Chicago skyline in the background, but it might work against my narrative where some characters are stranded. Looking north there is a bar with some lights which might give us trouble conveying the sense of isolation. It's okay, not great.

LOCATION #3: W. Wayman

My Thoughts:
I definitely need to go back to this location. I took very few pictures of this. I remember being somewhat dissatisfied with some aspects of the location, but just a few hours later I can't remember what they were. I like the ledge in front of the building.

LOCATION #4: N. Laflin

My Thoughts:
I liked this location a lot. It was gritty, industrial and appeared deserted. One problem I had with this location was its proximity to Lake Street, which is relatively busy. The Chicago El's Green Line also runs directly over Lake Street, which could create headaches when we are recording sound.

LOCATION #5: N. Spaulding

My Thoughts:
This was the last location we saw before wrapping up for the night. I liked this location a lot as well. It was just off Grand Avenue, but there was a little jog off of it which kind of isolated the whole street. It had no cars and a great industrial landscape.

Here's a map of the locations we have looked at so far:

View Larger Map

If you have some industrial locations that you think might fit what I'm looking for, please let me know. Bubs has been on the lookout for industrial locations for me, but I figure it doesn't hurt to have a few more eyes.

I'm sure I'll be posting some more location photos in the near future, most likely taken during the day.


Dr. Zaius said...

If you made your movie as a cartoon, you could just draw the background!

Greg said...

After looking at the photos of the location options, I would just go with the one where you will be least likely to get mugged, shot, etc.