Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pistol Pete Maravich's Wrist Pass Wizardry

My friend Lance sent me a link to this video, which was just too awesome not to share.

Lance says:
If I told you I had a three-minute instructional video that will teach you how to --

1. Startle a black man (not as easily startled as popularly believed)
2. Get ejected from events
3. Tell a rambling story
4. Make people literally eat air
5. Injure your wrists

-- you would not be out of line in saying, "Well, sir, I think you take me for a fool."

Watch and learn to trust:


Distributorcap said...

isnt pistol pete dead?

Splotchy said...

Yeah, he has passed on, but his teachings linger.

Rider said...

How many calories in air?