Friday, May 9, 2008

My Favorite French Card Game About Driving

Fellow lovers of card games, you could do a lot worse than the lovely French driving game Mille Bornes.

I first played Mille Bornes on my family's Commodore 64 computer as a lad. Sure, there were snazzier games with lovely sounds and graphics like Impossible Mission and Bruce Lee, but Mille Bornes was pretty darned fun for a text-based card game.

One year my brother gave me a set of Mille Bornes cards for my birthday, though I honestly haven't played the game with real cards as much as on the computer.

I was very happy to have recently discovered mille, a distribution of this game that comes bundled with flavors of UNIX operating systems. I imagine this game has been around for a while, perhaps since the 1980's. Thank you, mille programmer Ken Arnold!

w00t! Check out those two safeties! I have a feeling it's gonna be a good hand.

Please feel free to share your favorite card game, even it isn't French, and doesn't involve driving.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I love Mille! I bought a set of the cards a few year back and we play from time to time.

I remember a card game about plumbing that was cool as well.

But my all time favorite board game is Campaign Trail and they don't make it anymore.

Splotchy said...

Dr MVM, is the plumbing game you're talking about Waterworks? With the leaky pipe cards, and the little golden wrenches? That was an awesome game! We had that game when I was a kid.

I have never heard of Campaign Trail. Sounds intriguing, and a lovely idea for a post on your own blog, if'n you get the chance :).

Distributorcap said...

i used to play that game all the time as a kid -- with cards, (remember we didnt have computers, only abaci)

my sister used to cheat and steal the coup-fourré cards when i turned my head

Fran said...

Like Dcap, who is my exact age, we played old school style when I was a kid, with the cards.

I soooooo loved that game, loved it.

Commodore 64, I love that Splotchy.