Monday, May 12, 2008

We Have Been Street Viewed!

The other day I popped my home address into Google Maps search and was surprised to find my street and home visible on Google Maps Street View.

Here's one of the cars Google employs to take its pictures of streets like mine (and possibly yours). There is a multiple-camera doohickey on the top of the car that enables the capturing of 360 degree composite images.

Here's a zoomed-in picture of my living room window. A little invasive, no? Is that someone lurking among the curtains?

Rotating the view around, I can see that the Google Street View car must have been by our house in late summer/early fall, as the leaves are changing on the maple across the street from us.

There's helpful pointers on the web instructing one how to use Street View, but I'd figure I'd include my own sample Street View, for the lovely Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs.

Search for Wrigley Field!

Found it! Now click the Street view link!

Look at that throng of people! Perhaps a Cubs game was in progress, or had just let out? (click on pic for a much larger image)

Rotating the view, we see a shocking scene. Either one of the Street View Car's cameras malfunctioned, or there was a disruption in the space-time continuum at the Wrigleyville Taco Bell! (click for bigger)

I'll be attending a Cubs game tomorrow night, so I will inform you of what I find, assuming I don't get sucked into a black hole.

If any Cubs fans want to take a stab at what game is happening in the Google Street Views, please feel free to do so.

I did see a helpful message on the Cubby Bear's ticker sign (click for bigger):
The sign is congratulating swimmer Christina Loukas on winning a silver medal.


heals. said...

how do you get the job driving that car around? and is it double-pay for the guy who draws north dakota?

Dr. Zaius said...

Watch out! Google is watching you. (And also using those pictures to sell advertising.)

dguzman said...

I wish they'd come to my street, but they don't even have us on Bird's Eye View, much less Street View. Of course, that must mean I'm still safe from Chimpy's surveillance. So far.