Friday, May 23, 2008

Party of Five

So, I met with my four main actors last night at the lovely Lincoln Restaurant on Lincoln Avenue.

I gave them a rundown of the prepwork I done for the film thus far, answered questions they had, etc.

We did a readthrough of the script, something which I had never done before. They read their parts, and I read the screen direction and the remaining acting parts.

It was strange. I had never done a readthrough before. I think it went well, though in hindsight readthroughs are probably done better in private than at a restaurant.

I want to do a couple rehearsals in July, and I'll also need two of the actors to come in so we can decide on the makeup for their head wounds (yes! head wound makeup!).

I drove by the Spaulding location again and it was still pretty deserted, which is a good thing. I managed to snap some negative space signage along the way as well.

So, I'm going to go ahead and call the evening a success.

"Evening, you were a success!"

P.S. I have never seen Party of Five. I didn't know Matthew Fox was in it (nor do I really care)!


Fran said...


I had no idea that he was on that show. I did not watch it and like you- I did not and do not care!

Distributorcap said...

i never saw one episode
but i will watch your movie

Ubermilf said...

The only time I ever went to the Lincoln restaurant was before/after a show at Martyrs.

Randal Graves said...

Head wound? Now the interest has truly be piqued!

Dr. Zaius said...

Hated the show, but Neve Campbell and Lacey Chabert are yummilicious!

The Idea Of Progress said...

That little kid in the photo looks like Damian.

That's all I'm saying.