Friday, May 23, 2008

Some Good Old-Fashioned Non-Negative Space Signage

So, last night I parked my car on Irving Park Avenue for my meeting with the actors of my short film. I was a little early, and I had my camera. This restaurant was right by where I parked.

I've never eaten here, but I always have loved the look of the place, ever since I first set eyes on it years ago.

I love the name "Orange Garden". I love the font they used on the letters. I love the neon sign. It all adds up to a nighttime feast for the eyes.


Joe said...

I have eaten there! Years ago, granted, but I have eaten there--more than once. I have always loved that place as a perfect example of an old 1940's style building facade.

Splotchy said...

You are obviously a man with a fine taste in architecture.

I salute your good taste!

Gifted Typist said...

love the rich orangy reds in the shot.
Now I'm hungry for take out

PJ said...

I love that font, I wonder what it is.

lulu said...


This is MY Chinese place! They don't deliver and they only take cash, so if you want take-away,you have to do a driveby with a passenger (in case there is no parking on Irving), and make sure that you stop at the ATM on the way. Tthe one just west of it seems to always be out of order.)

The food is fabulous, in that 1950's American-Chinese kind of way--if you like egg fu young, this is your place.

It makes me really happy to see my beloved Orange Garden and to know that I will be home soon.

Distributorcap said...

the guilt (self inflicted) is oozing

i have to figure out what negative signage is

Moderator said...

I could go for some Chinese food now.

Unknown said...

I recall that spot. My parents had a clock repair shop near there in the 80's. Not sure if the restaurant was there then. Eventually, my mom's philosophy was that if you couldn't get there by via Irving Park Road it wasn't worth going.

Johnny Yen said...

That's funny-- my son and I almost went to lunch there on Saturday, but opted for another Chinese restaurant near our home. I have eaten there before, and it's good. I also love the art deco facade. There's a History Channel feature on restaurants, and they showed the Orange Garden on it.

Dr. Zaius said...

Orange is the most noble color, of course.

Splotchy said...

gt, I do love me rich orangy reds.

pj, at some point I'll try and figure it out. Yeah, it's a lovely font.

lulu, I'm glad I could bring you a little slice of home.

dc, you can stop that oozing with a cold compress.

grant, go!

mathman, that's not a bad philosophy, though you'll never make it east of Lake Michigan.

dr z, por supuesto. Did I just agree that you are the most superior Presidential candidate?