Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Blogger's Hyperbola

Back in ye olden days I enjoyed putting up the odd webpage when a certain topic struck my fancy enough to do so, but I found the whole process of presenting page(s) devoted to a new topic, what with all the accompanying homemade images, font choices, color schemes, etc., to be nauseatingly time-consuming and dull. I didn't want to do things half-assed (not to say that the results still didn't often appear half-assed), so I eventually chose to do nothing at all.

Consequently, my webpage just sat there like an old chair, letting the digital cobwebs gather.

Flash forward to years later, where I began pretty regularly checking in at Bubs and MizBubs' darling l'il compound. I got inspired to start a-postin' again.

As I don't need to tell you (but nevertheless am, by gosh), blogging is a nice catalyst for throwing thoughts straight from your brain onto the INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY.

The one problem I have with blogging is that it seems to me to be a pretty time-sensitive medium. "New" is good, "sorta new" is sorta okay, and "old" is disregarded --- which brings us to The Blogger's Hyperbola:

Note how high the reader interest is when one's post is as fresh as a baby's recently-filled diaper! Sadly, as that diaper gets older and older, no one cares anymore. Throw that diaper away.

Now, sometimes my posts are relevant to the time they were written in, but other times I am sharing timeless nuggets of wisdom. Sadly, these posts will end up in the diaper pail of history, unless I proactively do something.

Oh! That reminds me! Did you ever wonder what songs I would sing in a crowded elevator?


Coaster Punchman said...

Do what I do. Just revive old posts and change the dates. Half the time they won't even notice. Most of my readers are on drugs. Thankfully.

Joe said...

Or drunk. Don't forget life's simple pleasures.

lulu said...

How about doing what Grey's Anatomy, Seinfeld and all those other shows do when they don't feel like putting together a whole new show. Do a clips show. All you need to do is write little intro pieces and pop them between your funniest bits. People love that shit.

Splotchy said...

lulu, if I could somehow incorporate the Seinfeld transitional bass slap into my recycled posts, I think you might have something there.

Chris Hinrichs said...

This is a great observation! Notice, too, that I have left a comment despite the fact that this post is down the page a bit.

Splotchy said...

Chris, thank you for the time spent on the lower part of the hyperbola of my blog!