Thursday, April 26, 2007

Blogging and the Wet Vac

This post comes to you courtesy of the fact that I am waiting for seepage to stop in my basement. Wet vac, take a break, wet vac, take a break.

I have learned a few things with this experience.

1. If you can you avoid it, don't have living space in your basement.
2. If you're buying a house from some shady Eastern Europeans, make sure it's not during a drought.
3. They moved the cemetery but they didn't move the bodies! THEY ONLY MOVED THE HEADSTONES!!!


Joe said...

Do you need a midget with psychic powers? 'Cuz I can get one for you if you do. I'm just saying.a

Splotchy said...

my hero, my honest-to-goodness hero

Cup said...


MostHorrible said...

Last house in Boise, before the blessed, blessed move back to civilization: The hundred-year old whatever-the-fuck-it was tree in the yard had grown roots into the house's drainage pipe to the street.

Net damage:
--Basement flooded with feces and laundry detergent.
--$500 worth of clothes and kid items ruined.
--My eyes bled when the root removal company (they have those, you know) pulled what looked like a Chewbacca afterbirth the size of ME from the yard.

Wet vac. Take a break. Wet vac. Take a break. Curse luck and landlord. Take a break. Wet vac. Take a break. Hatred for breaks from that.

Splotchy said...

Well, at least the laundry detergent and the feces sort of canceled each other out, right?