Monday, April 30, 2007

Image Hosting Woes

Yesterday, I noticed that some of the pics I uploaded to Image Shack were not rendering. I have occasionally used Image Shack in the past to host pictures for use with eBay, etc..

I realize now that having Image Shack as an image provider for my blog might not be a good idea. I guess having the word 'Shack' in their company name should have been a red flag to me.

So, last night I went through all the pictures in my posts and moved them to my website, which, as of today, seems to be under a Denial of Service (DoS) attack. So, now all my images are failing to render.

Would someone please work the kinks out of this piece-of-crap Internet for me?



justacoolcat said...

You may want to try Flikr.

Splotchy said...

Thanks for the advice, coolcat.

At the moment, the DoS attack seems to have abated.

If things don't crap out again by using my own site, I'll prolly just keep on with it for a while.

I'm curious what most people do for hosting their images. I see that you can actually upload to Blogger, but that you have a finite amount of storage space to work with.

Cup said...

I always ask Dale.

Joe said...

I use photobucket.

Mob said...

I'll second Photobucket, until they start screwing me.