Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Spring Lineup of Splotchy Fashions

Bubs was kind enough to call attention to one of my Splotchy brand lines of clothing.

It just so happens that my fashion preparations for Spring have ended, and I'm happy to introduce two new exciting lines of casual wear for the discerning blogreader.

But first, a recap of the popular original Splotchy brand.

The iSplotchy

The original. Where the magic started! Show your devotion to the iSplotchy in clothing form! Available in a variety of cute clothing styles (yes, we carry hooded sweatshirts).


Feral Cat Attacks!

A design based on an original doodle by Splotchy. For current events followers, or people unafraid to express a political viewpoint.

For a more low-key expression of your political identity, there's always panties.


USB Symbol (NEW!)

An off-handed comment on this post prompted me to start this exciting line. You can purchase shirts with this symbol, but I think you'll find the hat the most appealing item sporting the USB symbol brand.


ROT13 (NEW!)

Playing around so much with ROT13 gave me the idea for this line of clothing.

At this point, the only text displayed on the back is "trrx" ("geek"), but I am considering introducing some bluer shirts, with phrases like "shpx lbh" and "cvff bss".


Stay Clothed,



Freida Bee said...

Oh no, it's not the time of the year to discard the $hoodie is it?

I like that ROT 13 tee (though I prefer v-neck tees myself).

Fran said...

I am feeling a purchase coming on...

Moderator said...

That first shirt rocks.

Distributorcap said...

you should go on teevee and do a paid program

Doc said...

I really need an iSplotchy T-shirt after all the time I spent writing that silly story for you. Well that and I have a weird fondness for rusted pipe in concrete.

Love the new line. Any chance it will show up on America's Next Top Model?


Joe said...

I like that ROT 13 as well. Heck, I like all of em!

Cup said...

LOVE the feral cats ... but I can't buy white Ts because I stain 'em within two wearings.

Gifted Typist said...

get one of the American Idols to wear one, either that or Hilary Clinton

Coaster Punchman said...

I may have to take you up on that feral cat shirt. Why don't you have a contest and give one away?