Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Doodle You Want? A Doodle You Shall Get.

Haven't done a 60 second doodle in a while. First commenter with a doodle idea gets that idea doodled.


For Jin: "The scene from outside your window. "

Great idea for a doodle, Jin!

Sorry it's not very colorful - the minute went by very quickly. The second tall building from the right is the Sears Tower. I am not sure if it's entirely clear, but the top of the building is enshrouded in fog.

Sorry to Isaac for missing out on your doodle idea, but in some ways I am glad you weren't first. I'm afraid of what hell a zombie Easter doodle of mine would unleash on this plane of existence.


jin said...

The scene from outside your window.

Isaac said...

Zombies eat Easter.

jin said...

After I typed it I thought, "Uh oh... what if he doesn't have a window!?"

Do you realize that is officially the only doodle I've ever won?!!? I know you gave me a sympathy doodle once though!

Splotchy said...

"I know you gave me a sympathy doodle once though!"

You might not have intended it as such, but that is the dirtiest thing I have read today.

jin said...

OMG I must be overworked...
I did not think of it that way...
but I'm glad it spiced up your day!