Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Internet Challenge #13


A new challenge.

Find me the most banal possible Tweets you can. I mean, I want them so dull that while I am reading them I will want to stab my leg with a fork to make sure I am still alive.

They can be celebrity Tweets. They can be non-celebrity Tweets. I will want you to provide the direct link to the Tweet, not just the text of it. For people who think everything about Twitter is banal, this link may change your mind.

Not valid: Tweets by people pretending to be celebrities are not acceptable. I still feel burned for laughing at (fake) Henry Rollins for folding clothes on his bed.

Also not valid: Tweets by me -- besides, my Tweets are gripping, eloquent and have flowing hair like Fabio. How could I possibly bore you? That's not an Internet Challenge question -- that was rhetorical.

Only 3 Tweets per contestant, please. One IC point per Tweet, if I deem it suitably banal.

First contestant with valid entry/entries gets an extra sparkly IC point.

I'm picking up the award for 1st place in IC points tonight. I'm spending CASH MONEY for it. I have decided the top 3 point-earners are going to win prizes.

So what are you waiting for?



The Imaginary Reviewer scores 2 IC points for being the first with a dull tweet, appropriately enough from Twitter user dulltweets:
"Wanted to go comb my hair so I picked up a comb. Then I changed my mind so I put it down again."

I imagine this Twitter user might have been trying to be dull, but I did not indicate that dullness had to be unintentional for this challenge.

Flannery Alden scores 2 IC points as well for these two "celebrity" Tweets:
First MC Hammer:
"Good Morning (PST)... have a great day !!! breakfast.. Time for the fish oil, protein, fruits and veg powder, glucosamine and I'm out !!!"

Just curious, was the timezone really necessary?

Dave Matthews
"I don't have a problem with traffic. I like it sometimes."

This can't really be him, can it? I find it hard to believe that anyone would unironically say this. If this Twitter account is really used by Dave Matthews, I look forward to the inevitable Tweet:

"I don't have a problem dumping shit on people taking boat tours. I like it sometimes."

Flannery, I couldn't count the Jeff Ashcroft Tweet -- cheesy yes, but not banal enough.

Jin provided a series of Tweets. I have whittled them down to two for 2 more IC points.

"lets roll tar heels get it going early and often and bring home a title"

This might not be so banal if I liked sports, but I don't like sports.

"what happened to dakota"

Couldn't give you one for skycity96, because I actually liked the accompanying pic in the Tweet.

Couldn't read AnnetteSmieja Tweet -- she has protected her updates, possibly to prevent being ridiculed on the Internet for her banality.

I liked the Tweet of melahknee -- I might rip it off later.

And, the Tweet of canuckuk is funny if the "proof read" misspelling was intentional.


The Imaginary Reviewer said...

This is the worst I could find. Thanks for the tinyurl tip!

Jenny Jenny Flannery said...

"Twitter is the true embodiment of that nebulous saying "We are all connected" except today with Twitter we now actually are all connected!"

Name Jeff Ashcroft
Location Toronto, Canada
Bio Logistics & supply chain professional who likes to make things happen...

Jeff Ashcroft

Jenny Jenny Flannery said...

"Good Morning (PST)... have a great day !!! breakfast.. Time for the fish oil, protein, fruits and veg powder, glucosamine and I'm out !!!"

MC Hammer

Jenny Jenny Flannery said...

"I don't have a problem with traffic. I like it sometimes."

Dave Matthews

jin said...








jin said...

I just saw the 'only 3 tweets per contestant'.
I apologize. Just take the first three.
I guess I got carried away... easily amused am I.