Friday, April 24, 2009

Road Warrior, The Musical - Just Walk Away

Another entry in my new musical -- The Road Warrior.

"Just Walk Away"

Sung by: Humungus
Description: Humungus gives the villagers a chance to turn over the oil-producing outpost.

Humungus rules the Wasteland
This barren Valley of Death
You can try to convince me otherwise
But you'd be wasting your breath
Listen to these words
Or lose all that you have left

Just walk away
Just walk away

We've come to make a deal
We're done with playing games
Give us all your gasoline
Or see it up in flames
After we have finished
You'll never be the same

Just walk away
Just walk away

This is your last chance
Tomorrow we attack
Think on this tonight
When you stare up into the black
You can leave here unharmed
With the clothes on your back

Just walk away
Just walk away

(h/t to Tim for the idea of this song, posted as a comment on the first RW the Musical post)


Anonymous said...

Ive always said that musical theater needed more explosions, car chases and guns.

Timothy Donavan Russell said...

Thankee kindly for the credit, man.

Humungus does it his way to the last, in verse and song no less. I like!

Here's hoping this unusual musical sees the light of stage someday....

Timothy Donavan Russell said...

Incidentally, one of my favorite South Park moments of all time is: