Tuesday, October 9, 2007

It's All Barbeque, Idn't It

I have been going to a restaurant that's walking distance from my place of employment for a few months. It's notable in that the restaurant's name has three words, all of which have accent marks.

They have a BBQ pork sandwich w/ fries special on Tuesdays that I like to order. The restaurant also has Mexican food, Greek food, cheeseburgers, etc. It's a hodgepodge of cuisines.

So as I walk up to the restaurant today, I see a chalkboard sign on the sidewalk in front of the place. It says BBQ pork, but above it, written in large letters is the word "KOREAN".


I walk in. There are Korean gentlemen behind the counter and wandering about. I sit down and look at the menu. BBQ pork is still a special.

I ask the waiter, what kind of pork is the special? He says it's Korean BBQ pork. Hot and spicy, but not too spicy.

What the hell. I order the special, and soon am eating a spicy pile of BBQ pork and white rice.

One of the gentlemen told me the restaurant changed hands on October 1st.

Does this kind of thing happen that often? And how odd is the fact that despite the change in the menu, I could still get BBQ pork as a special?

The new owner made sure my coworker and I knew about the upcoming buffet and karaoke this Friday. If they have some Sabbath on the jukebox, I might just go.


Joe said...

I love Korean bbq. Mmmmmmm... bul go gi...

Fran said...

Bulgogi is da bomb. That said, it is kind of Splotch-ily weird that you were eating BBQ pork despite the complete change in the restaurant!

lulu said...

There is a place on Lincoln Ave, up near Foster where the sign reads "Live Korean BBQ"

I haven't gone in yet, but I'm curious.

Johnny Yen said...

Korean bbq buffet and karoake? I may join you there, Splotchy.

Lulu-- Live Korean BBQ? Don't the Klingons do "Gak?" Of course, isn't Gak live bbq'ed Klingon sea worms or something like that? Koreans, Klingons-- they're all aliens. Or maybe it's just the wine...

lulu said...

Johnny--Are you assuming that I am the kind of totally geeky girl who would actually know what Klingons eat?

(FYI, it's Gagh not Gak)

Doc said...

Nothing says fine dining like munching BBQ between verses of "Iron Man". Sounds like fun.


Splotchy said...

I was happy to have a good Korean dining experience.

The one time I did before I didn't like it so much (maybe it was the kim chi).

Dale said...

There's a handwritten sign in a Chinese place here that reads: BBQ Lunch Box 3.99. I'm thinking they mean Boxed Lunch but who am I say?

They must have a deal with whatever animals keep dying in the alley out back to keep that pork thing going.