Saturday, October 20, 2007

Spotchy Misspells The Names Of The Rich And Famous

01. Matt Damen
02. Robert Dinero
03. Oprah Wintfrey
04. Charlene Theron
05. Ray Fines
06. Rachel Wise
07. Kate Blanchit
08. Judy Bench
09. Scarlet Johanson
10. Huge Ackman
11. Holly Berry
12. Vigo Mortonson
13. Killian Murphy
14. Steven Colbear
15. Jim Kerry
16. Lindsey Lowhan
17. Che Le Boof
18. Paul Jimmatti
19. Kevin Spacy
20. Leam Nissan


J.D. said...

Actually, if you wanted to spell Rachel's name wrong, it's be Vice.

Also, she deserved the Oscar.

Splotchy said...

I reserve the right to also eff up the pronunciation of actors' names, no matter how deserving they may be of an Oscar.

Manx said...

I always pronounce it "Lame Neeson".

lulu said...

Huge Ackman is his porn name.

Splotchy said...

manx, I guess that's better than "Leslie Nielsen".

lulu, if only *I* had a huge ackman, I could write my ticket to Hollywood.

Catherine said...

Huge Ackman. nice. But Che Le Boof is the best name in history. Except for Splotchy.

Moderator said...

When I was a reporter, I took fast notes, so I wrote many things down phonetically. My notes kind of looked like this.

Fran said...

My contribution...

Aye, Splahtchee