Monday, April 28, 2008

Attention: David Patrick Kelly

So, I bought two tickets to the Feelies' July 1st show at the Hoboken, NJ bar Maxwell's.

Both the July 1st and 2nd shows are sold out.

I was picking up the extra ticket for MizSplotchy. I had hoped my folks would have been able to babysit our three chilluns so we could jet up to Jersey for a couple days (they had been very gracious to take care of our kids during our trip to San Diego last fall).

Unfortunately, they have prior plans. Hey, I realize that's a lot to ask of my folks, particularly with such short notice, but my desire to see the Feelies has blotted out my sensitivity to others' schedules, emotions and plans.

Anyways, unless something unforeseen happens, chances are I'm going to be headed to Maxwell's by myself. But, I will have an extra ticket that is already paid for.

David Patrick Kelly, my adopted actor, if you want to see a sold-out live show for the low cost of nothing, I have a ticket for you. I am serious. You don't have to hang out with me or anything, just take the ticket with my compliments.

Hey, I'm not creepy or anything. I'm just a faceless person on the Internet offering you something. And what could go wrong with that?

Send me an email on the address listed on my profile if you are interested. I am fully licensed, bonded and insured to see concerts in the Tri-State area.




Cup said...

If DPK doesn't come through, will you sell that ticket to the highest commenter?

Splotchy said...

Are we talking about the person who comments first, or the commenter with the highest amount of THC in their blood?

Comrade Kevin said...

If only, if only.

p0nk said...

maybe you should offer it to Areseny.

BeckEye said...

Maxwell's is awesome. I went there by myself once, to see Glenn Tilbrook. That was the first and last time I chickened out when it came time to meet him.

Unknown said...

I think you should make people dance in a tutu for it in the middle of the street.

Gifted Typist said...

I feel your pain on the miz missing out cuz of the chils. Many deep persepctive-setting breaths have been taken on this end too

dguzman said...

That ingrate better step up and take that ticket.

GFS3 said...

What a weird coincidence. I just got through interviewing Glenn Mercer for my own blog. I'll let you know when its ready to be posted.

The Feelies kick major league ass (even though the poor bastards live in New Jersey and probably root for the Yankees).

Johnny Yen said...

Did you know that the Feelies were the band playing at the high school reunion in "Something Wild?"

Splotchy said...

p0nk, I think Arseny is in Germany. I suppose if Mr. Kelly does not want the ticket, and Arseny wants to fly in for the Hoboken show, I could probably be guilted into giving it to him.

Beckeye, I'm glad to hear Maxwell's is a good venue. I figured as much, seeing that many bands I like playing there.

Wyldth1ng, perhaps I'll have them sing Goldfinger in a crowded supermarket (are you reading this, Freida B??!)

gt, it's great being a parent, but it sucks for spontaneity.

d, he's no ingrate, he's my adopted actor.

gfs3, awesome! Please, let me know when it's up.

jy, I did in fact know that! I had seen bits and pieces of that film over the years, but we recently got it through Netflix. I was surprised (and happy) they played such a prominent role. The video for "Away" that I recently included on this here blog was directed by Jonathan Demme, who was the director of "Something Wild".

Sorghum Crow said...

Maxwell's is a great venue. I saw Mudhoney there.

GFS3 said...

Hey Splotchy, the interview with Glenn Mercer is posted. Some great info: Glenn says the band is back in the studio recording songs for a new album. Here's the link: