Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pointers of Self-Interest

Hi-de-ho, I just want to direct your attention to some other blogs I contribute to, 'cause interesting things are afoot there.


Tim and I have completed another month's worth of found notes at A Blog Of Notes. I was honestly slacking this month, but Tim came through with some ridiculously awesome sounds. Tim has also just posted an excellent series of mixes of the April compile.

If you have the technology and inclination to look for musical notes in the world around you, Tim and I are always looking for sound geek contributors.


The lovely and talented night photographer Remi Thornton, who is also a contributor to my blog The Signage Of Negative Space, recently returned from a trip to Chicago, where he took some pics of signage here and here.

This was kinda neat, in that I had previously taken pictures of these same signs. It's kind of cool to compare and contrast our pics, and see how much better a photo can look when someone like Remi is behind the camera! It's definitely made me step up with my "A" game (which relatively speaking is more accurately called a "B-" game).

We're at about 150 instances of negative space signage, but would love to get more geographical regions represented that I'm certain are oozing with negative space signage -- the NYC/California area, large urban centers across the world, etc.


Who's In Charge Here? continues to chug along. Our current band is Belle and Sebastian. Vote for the leader of the band, based on the photo I have included, but please be kind, they are sensitive folk.


That's all the self-pimping I have for you today! Excelsior!

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