Wednesday, April 2, 2008

People I Hope To Someday Meet

1) Jack Pickle
2) Cyrus Niftypants
3) Peter Wasabi Peters
4) Nancy Treaty-Tweety
5) Eleanor Wonderdrier
6) Chester Noble Balls
7) H. Livid
8) Pudgely Goober
9) Ira Antipasto
10) Harry Gut
11) Thom Thom Olgersonowicz
12) Hubley Mumps
13) Yanni Chrome
14) Alabaster Cranberry
15) Dr. Piffle
16) His Honorable Jumpsuit Algae Ring Toss
17) Sue Hug
18) Crazy Will Carburetor
19) Iris Anagram
20) Hops Sprightly


Becca said...

I know Hops Sprightly, he's not as sprightly as you'd think.

GETkristiLOVE said...

We have a guy that works for my company named Harry Weiner. No, not kidding. His brother's name is Oscar.

Timothy Donavan Russell said...

I know what you mean. Someday I hope to meet...

1) Xerwem Alielsterofside
2) Cyborg Anderson
3) Senior Bainbridge
4) Chumba Bernsteinian
5) Flag Bernsteinian
6) Epitome Bints
7) Sten Blenshow
8) Elgin Boxworthy
9) Jull Leisured
10) Meverine Morbit
11) Jusiniqua Oleander
12) Tom Overture
13) Gym Pertch
14) Glibson Reminder
15) Nerftinery Reminder
16) Hemglar Stanza
17) Mountaineer Sharpie
18) Prell Verifel
19) Shelf Yemvrebistorq
20) Gradient Zoole

Splotchy said...

Becca, keep in mind that his middle name is Somewhat.

GKL,his parents should be arrested for the emotional trauma they put him through. If you say his brother Oscar's middle name is Mayer, I will file a formal complaint against them myself.

Tim, I am sorry to break this to you, but Mr. Boxworthy passed away last June.

dguzman said...

I've met Harry Gut, and believe me--you're better off not knowing him. The guy's an asshole.

p0nk said...

Dr. Richard Head is an MD in our town, i've coached his kids in little league.
He was the crowd favorite many years ago when Letterman had a segment on greatest names.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Some day I hope to come to this blog and find a post that does not make me go "Huh?"

Distributorcap said...

Ira Antipasto is running for president on the Communist Party line

be careful who you meet!

also you might want to meet Fern Gold -- she is a real hoot

Splotchy said...

d, thanks for the warning. I'm scratching Mr. Gut off my list.

p0nk, for some reason I think it's a lot funnier that he's a doctor. Maybe it's the alliteration.

vikki, dare to dream!

dc, quiet, you!