Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Negative Space Signage Update

Since I recently provided an update regarding A Blog Of Notes, I thought I'd also update you on another blog, The Signage of Negative Space.

In the two months this blog has been running, we have documented seventy-three instances of negative space signage.

I have complete confidence we will reach one hundred signs and beyond.

Besides me, there are currently four other contributors of signage photos:

Freida Bee (Austin, Texas)
PJ (London)
Tim (Springfield, Illinois)
Thornton (Boston, Massachusetts)

I really can't adequately convey my happiness at having other people participate in this blog. It's really quite, quite nifty to post photos from different people living in different parts of the globe.

I know that I have the occasional blog readers from different geographical regions, Missouri, Tennessee, New York, California, etc., that have yet to have their own negative space signage represented.

If you want to make this BoingBoing-neglected wreck the happiest l'il blogger this side of the Mississippi, I hope you'll consider looking around for negative space signage in your neck of the woods.

Stay Negative,



p0nk said...

i'd love to play, but i live in Podunk, CA. the 'other' california, where simply finding a commercial building can be a challenge.

Timothy Donavan Russell said...

It's been fun sneaking around at night like ninjas trying to get just the right shot, hasn't it? I will endeavor to look for signage when I'm in Madison, WI in June.

escralan said...

I look Splotchy, I look all the time. Unfortunately there's not even much positive signage here up in the Maine Panhandle, never mind negative. We're lucky to get a sign at all.

Joe said...

What, the picture I sent wasn't negative enough?

Splotchy said...

p0nk and alan, thanks a lot for looking. I'm sorry you don't have a lot of signage where you are, but the lack of visual noise is probably something I would appreciate as well.

tim, it definitely is. It'll be interesting what Madison holds for you! Maybe it will be similar to the hotbed of negative space signage that Austin is.

bubs, I was hemming and hawing about that pic. I wanted to talk to you about it. I wasn't sure if there was discrete illumination for the sign or if that was the ceiling as the background. I guess either way, the words are visible because of the light background behind them. So's I uploaded it today.

Distributorcap said...

and where do i send the pictures to?

Splotchy said...

dc, you can send them to the email address listed on my profile. Any photos you could supply would be greatly appreciated! I have no NYC photos.