Thursday, April 10, 2008

What's Going On In .nl?

Let's visit with another domain name extension. This time we'll be visiting the pages of the Netherlands (.nl).

I'm going to be linking to pages that are in the English language. Please realize that whatever I'm reading might be tailored for an English-reading audience.

So what's going on in the Netherlands?


Peace Palace Library, home of International Law

Frequently Asked Questions About The Dutch Drugs Policy (Openbaar Ministerie - Public Prosecution Service)

Unique Defence Contract with US (Dutch News in English -- 02/12/2008)

One in Seven Children Aged below 12 Commit Crime (Dutch News in English -- 04/11/2008) (Central access point to all information about government organisations of the Netherlands)

If you want to do your own searching of the .nl domain, you can use Google to enter your search criteria, adding the text

For example, here's a search for Splotchy:


dguzman said...

I'm soooo wishing that the "Peace Palace Library, home of International Law" had a branch office in the USA so they could indict the current administration for war crimes.

At the same time, I'm completely confused by the "Superman - (Splotchy)Girls" hit from google. Are you really Clark Kent?

Distributorcap said...

so now you are going dutch treat... some date you must have been