Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Who's Ready For Some More ROT13ed Swear Words? I Sure As Fuvggvat Am!

We started this fun here. Let's continue the joy and love!

I'll repeat the verbiage from my original post, for those who have forgotten the spiel.

A list of ROT13-encoded swear words.

Pop them in the Input box of the ROT13 Decoder to the right and hit the "En/Decode input" button. I personally prefer decoding the words one at a time, as that adds to the excitement and sexual tension.

I suppose you could try guessing them first, if that's your inclination, but this post is more about the swearing than the quizzing.

1. shpxjvg
2. ternfl-nffrq tbbq-sbe-abguvat zbaxrl gvgf
3. Bu, pbpx!
4. shpx-n-qhpx
5. V tbg gur fybccl fuvgf
6. gvtug cnagf jrnevat zbaxrlsvatrerq pbecfrshpxre
7. qvegl onyyf fhpxvat wrexbss
8. fcbbtr-jenatyre
9. cvff ba lbhefrys, nffgbnq
10. hShpx


Fran said...

Jung xvaq bs shpxrel vf guvf?

p0nk said...

i don't think this will raise your ranking on the cuss-o-meter.

dguzman said...

Don't think I didn't notice all the "monkey" you inserted in that cussing -- it's a shot at Dr. Monkerstein, isn't it?

Splotchy said...

franiam, EBG13'rq shpxrel?

p0nk, but my ROT13'ed cuss-o-meter is through the shpxvat roof!

d, yeah I noticed that after-the-fact. Perhaps it's because the iSplotchy is trailing Dr MvM in the polls. But don't worry, I have a plan.

Distributorcap said...

well ptryusyr noisdf to you!