Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Famous Last Lines To Movies Yet To Be Written

01. "Grab the hammer and the turkey baster. We're going to Vegas."

02. "Reginald, this is your chewing gum talking. Now listen very carefully..."

03. "We are the invasive species!"

04. "Ummmmmmmm... Infinity?"

05. "Mr. Johnson is dead and would like a word with you."

06. "If you ever need any spare body parts, you know where to find me."

07. "Oh, fistyloofing crumbcakes!"

08. "She was my giraffe and she always will be."

09. "Everybody do the shimmy!"

10. "That's the end of that. Or is it?"


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Those... are... awesome! Let's get you a typewriter and an agent stat!

Micgar said...

Sorry-It seems there a frenzy of tagging going on right now. Thanks, though!

McGone said...

#7 is a wacky Merchant Ivory romantic comedy starring Anthony Hopkins and Dame Judy Dench, isn't it?

Splotchy said...

Jon, I prefer coming up with the last lines of movies and let some overpaid screenwriter pad out the first 97 minutes. But if there's a market for my services, I am so there!

micga, you are welcome.

McGone, how about #1? Or were you picturing Helen Mirren?

BeckEye said...

#6 sounds like something that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Emilio Estevez might star in together. If Arnold ever stops governing and Emilio crawls out of the black hole he fell into.

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

They're great! Apparently I once said in my sleep, "Run, Mrs McTankey! The black puddings are coming!" I'd like to see that line in a film. I'd also like to know what I was dreaming about, too.

Gifted Typist said...

we used to do that sort of thing with food:
Dead Roman Stew


Joe said...

I think I have actually said that first line. More than once.

Rider said...

Now work on the opening lines of those movies.

Splotchy said...

beckeye, I'd rather hear Schwarzenegger say #9.

the ir, that is one cool dream you had. Were you playing a little late-night D&D the prior day?

gt, yum!

bubs, I am impressed but not surprised.

rider, I might have a few laying about...