Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What's Going On In .cu?

Hey, let's visit with another domain name extension. This time we'll be visiting the pages of Cuba (.cu).

I'm going to be linking to pages that are in the English language. Please realize that whatever I'm reading might be tailored for an English-reading audience. If I wasn't estúpido I would speak Spanish and be able to read a lot more pages in their domain.

Oh well. Soy estúpido.

One thing I noticed about Cuban webpages is that they were quite slow to load. I'm not sure for the reason of this. If anyone not in the US wants to try and visit some Cuban pages, let me know if it's any faster, wouldja?

So what's on Cuban websites?


Frequently Asked Questions about the cuban radio (Portal of the Cuban Radio in the Internet)

179 countries vote against the blockade at the UN (Cuba vs Blockade)

Discuba Home Page. Cuban Music Shop

Alfredo Guevara will Make his memoirs ( CUBA: News and informations of art and culture-CUBASI.COM -- April 3, 2008)

Okay, this last link isn't in English, but I saw that it was some sort of baseball page. I just thought it was too nifty to not include here. Béisbol Cubano


If you want to do your own searching of the .cu domain, you can use Google to enter your search criteria, adding the text

For example, here's a search for Splotchy:

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Fran said...

You think Casto - even with Raul in the driver's seat, will let Splotchy come ashore?

There is a reason there no results- Cuba sin el Splotchy, siempre.

It is that simple.