Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The The The The The

Hi, I'm just testing something here.

I don't know if you notice this kinda stuff, but I do.

If you have "Enable Post Pages" set to Yes on the Archive section of your blog settings, each post you create actually results in the creation of a separate webpage.

The name of the webpage filename will be some form of what the title of your post is.

For example, for my Negative Space Signage Update post, the name of its HTML page is "negative-space-signage-update.html".

There are rules which cause deviations from this naming convention. For example, if your post title is really long, your HTML filename will just use the first handful of words (if I am bored at some point, maybe I'll figure out the length where the cutoff occurs). If your post title has punctuation, the punctuation is omitted from the HTML filename.

I have also noticed some common words ("a", "an", "the") are omitted as well. For example, Here Come The Birds becomes "here-come-birds.html".

Which brings us to this post. What if I have a post that only consists of words that are normally omitted?

I don't know what's going to happen.

So, I publish this, and hope Blogger doesn't break. Although it would be kinda cool if I broke Blogger.


Crazy... The title of the webpage of this post is "the-the.html".

I'm wondering if the first "The" is disregarded, then it takes whatever follows the "The" as a word for the post title.

Something like this

The The The The The

Oh you can bet I'll be testing this some more. More excitement to follow!


p0nk said...

i always got in trouble in school for this sort of thing.

dguzman said...

it's funny that you're doing this--I had noticed the weird truncating of the post names in the URLs and wondered about how they did it. I will check out your other tests!

Freida Bee said...

I thought that everyone who had The at the first of their blog name had called selected a url without the, at least subconsciously. I just hadn't noticed, really. Come to think of it, it may have dome it for my My Landscape Fetish blog, taken off the My.

What a rip, though your discovery is uber cool.