Thursday, May 10, 2007

Arcade Quiz Answers (Wheels)

Okay, second quiz answers now. Find the questions here. Two more quizzes left. Can you smell the excitement? You might want to check your oven.

Wheels 1 - Pole Position

This was the first driving game I saw in the arcade that looked pretty cool, with a nice use of perspective. It's been done a thousand times better since, but this was the thing back in "the day."

Wheels 2 - Moon Patrol

This is one of my favorite games. It's a helluva lotta fun, and you really feel the motion and excitement as you're driving while being attacked by spaceships, molecules and clods of dirt.

Wheels 3 - Paperboy

I still think this is one damn fine looking game. It's kind of difficult throwing papers and have them hit people's porches/mailboxes, as perspective is kind of funky. Still, you haveta love a game where the young boy protagonist drops some profanity after hitting a fire hydrant.

Wheels 4 - Stocker

I could be remembering wrong, but I think that my brother was into this game. One neat thing about the game is that when you drive off the road, your car leaves dirt tracks across the grass. A dumb movie fact: in The Color of Money, Tom Cruise's character Vincent is introduced playing Stocker, so that's something, I guess. I was going to include Spy Hunter in my quiz instead of this game, but wasn't able to capture a decent sound sample. Ah, well.

Wheels 5 - Kick

This game is a lot of fun. You control a clown on a unicycle, moving him left and right with a trackball. You catch balloons on his head -- sometimes they pop, sometimes they stick to your head and you slowly build up a big hat o' balloons. One of my favorite games, though it kind of sucks playing through a MAME emulator on the keyboard, as you can't whip the clown back and forth as fast you would be able to via a trackball.

Next quiz... guys with guns (including my all-time favorite arcade game)!

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