Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I Sometimes Heart The British English Language

Just a short list of things I adore about the Brits and their language ways.

1. color = colour
2. elevator = lift
3. "Bangers and mash"
4. "Sticky wicket"
5. "Cheers" as an informal greeting

And things I don't like:

1. cookie = biscuit
2. fries = chips
3. "git"
4. "shagging"
5. Any British turn-of-phrase that was popularized by the Austin Powers movies.


Johnny Yen said...

What are your feelings on their alternate definition of "fanny?"

Splotchy said...

I like "fanny".

And, I'll go even further and say I like [their usage of] "willy".

Johnny Yen said...

Their use of "willy" seemed particularly funny when people took to calling Bill Clinton "Slick Willy."