Sunday, May 27, 2007

Goodbye Renée and Kenny

I love reading the odd magazine once in a while, as does my wife. I'll sometimes pick up a copy of Entertainment Weekly or Premiere.

My wife prefers the more celebrity-oriented magazine.

The funny thing is, we don't make these kinds of purchases that often. The magazines will lay around the house for a week, then they'll be spirited to the readin' basket in our upstairs bathroom.

Whatever moments that were captured in these disposable catalogs of celebrity have now become monumentally important, if only for the sheer fact that I read about them on a weekly basis.

So, today my wife comes home with some freshly-minted celebrity magazines.

To make room, I'll need to bid fond farewell to the happy nuptials of Renée and Kenny. They're still together, right?


Dale said...

I love those totally screwed up poses she gets herself into, like marriage. Is she hugging a cancer kid there?

Splotchy said...

It certainly isn't Jack White!

Eat it, Bridget Jones!